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News 27 March 2014

Golden tailed Gecko (Strophurus taenicauda)

Safely relocating fauna prior to development in Australia

In Australia, our environment field teams and contractors sought to relocate fauna safely when clearing sites for development, in accordance with our significant species management plans.

In the Surat Basin in southern Queensland, where our gas fields and processing facilities are located, contractors relocated species found in tree hollows, including the golden-tailed gecko, sugar glider, microbat, bearded dragon, and yellow-spotted monitor lizard.

In 2013, for example, Transfield Clough Joint Venture, which has a contract with us for earth works and building concrete foundations, moved whole tree sections in order to minimise human handling, disturbance and stress to animals, and not disrupt inhabitant breeding habitats.

The relocation process, carried out with the help of our environmental officers, involved tree sections being rehung at their original height and with similar orientation and canopy cover. Where trees were found with nests containing incubated eggs of birds not suitable for hand rearing, these were left standing until the eggs hatched and fledglings were able to leave the nest.


- This case study is part of our 2013 Sustainability Report -

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